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    KAIYUAN SHIPPING CO., LTD. is headquartered in Shanghai, We have several branch offices in Tianjin, Qingdao, Nanjing,Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We are a registered NVOCC company with the Ministry of Communications in China and a registered NVOCC company with American FMC.

    We are specialized in the LCL consolidation bussiness. Moreover,we are also catering to the FCL businesses, inbound services, bonded warehouse services, customs brokerage services and railway transportation.

    We have a dedicated team of over 500 professional employees who are capable of providing a reliable service to the customer. In the meantime, we are also maintaining a good rapport with the carriers at both the port of loading and discharge.

    We are also promoting on a global strategic partnership with our renowned agents. KAIYUAN SHIPPING is fully equipped with a well established system and a philosophy of modern management.

    We are one of China's upcoming and potential consolidation company. Our principle is to expand and improve on our businesses with fairness and upholding on our promises to the customers and partners.

    Our goal is to be the best consolidation company and working towards fufilling mutual benefit to the employees, customers and partners.

    All transactions are subject to the Company's Standard Trading Conditions (copy is available upon request), which in certain circumstances limit or exempt the Company's liability.

    To be the best consolidation company in China with an extensive coverage of major ports catering for both inbound and outbound shipments.

    1、To achieve mutual gains for employees, customers and partners.
    2、To be objective, factual and to ensure promises made are fully met.

    1、To Provide a good and reliable neutral NVOCC service.

    2、To enhance on our quality as related to our products/services.

    3、To provide a reliable inbound/outbound consolidation service with more direct sailings resulting in shortening de-livery time and ensuring cargoes are free from damage which will reduce on the logistical costs. This will promote on competitiveness of the Chinese products.

    Attributes of LOGO

    Being a Chinese enterprise, Kaiyuan adopts Red to demonstrate on its cultural and spiritual inheritance, as well as the pride it takes in and the sense of belonging it feels toward the nation. The logo resembles a sailing vessel braving wind and current towards the rising sun, which illustrates on the explorations, endeavors and persistence that the company together along with its employees undertakes for continuous development, as well as the aspirations for an even brighter future The inspiration on the logo actually comes from the initial of the company name"kaiyuan"-a symbol alphabetical"K', with the three red curves symbolizing"To move forward"and the red dot personifying ”From a concerted heart”.

    Mascot of Kaiyuan ——SAILFISH

    Mascot of Kaiyuan ——SAILFISH

    1.Sailfish is the fastest fish in the ocean, symbolizing the swift growth of Kaiyuan

    2. Sailfish is vastly living in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean which represents the global participation of Kaiyuan's businesses

    3. Sailfish is also found and congregate in the dense distribution along the coast and adjacent waters of many islands, signifying on our groupage businesses and the good teamwork that we treasured in our company.

    4.Sailfish is dark blue in the body, silver-white along the belly and bright blue with spots on the dorsal fin which has the same background corporate color adopted by Kaiyuan

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