The first post is always the trickiest.  You haven’t started with any momentum.  There’s no thread to pick up on.  And really, why should anyone be listening to you?  So to get the ball rolling I guess I should layout why I’m starting the blog and what kind of content I want to focus on.  My life revolves around Magpie, our small brewing company and 3 bars, and because of this I’m fixated on how someone learns about running a business, being an expat and how to be honest with myself about work-life balance (if it’s actually possible!).  Magpie has been open for 2.5 years now and I’m stretched thin mentally and physically weak.  I’m waking up and thinking, why do I feel so exhausted?  Is there any way to truly be more effective and not feel like I ran a marathon?  Well, the best way to figure it out is to track it, so that’s what the purpose of the blog is — a record of what works in getting my life and work back in balance so I can get back to larger life goals.